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Visage Montalcino Mud

$130 60 mins.
Detox your body, fight cellulite in one go and get your health back on track.


This intensive treatment using thermal waters from Montalcino in Tuscany has both detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essential oils encourages a profound purification of the tissues, while the fucus and laminaria algae promote a lipolytic action. This treatment is ideal for a full systemic detoxifying action, to mobilize accumulated toxins and to restore vitality. Also recommended for treating cellulite. 


  • Stimulates lipolysis and enhances the body’s detoxification process
  • Restores energy and vitality
  • Visible reshaping effect
  • Drains the tissues and improves the appearance of cellulite
  • Ideal for combating cellulite and water retention issues.


The results can be seen after one or two days.


There is no downtime associated with it, and it appears to be very effective in terms of detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions.

Procedure Length 

60 minutes session 

Price Range



Restore vitality and fight cellulite with this powerful treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a full systemic detoxifying action, mobilize accumulated toxins, and restore vitality. It is also recommended for those seeking to treat cellulite.

The treatment is not painful and is actually quite relaxing. Some people may feel a tingling sensation, but it is generally a very soothing experience.