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Lip Flip

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About Lip Flip

Lip Flip uses neurotoxins like Botox to turn the upper lip upwards, exposing more of the red part of the lip and giving the appearance of a fuller lip. In addition to providing a more flattering look, this procedure can also be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to achieve even better aesthetic effects. The result is an aesthetically more youthful appearance that will make you feel great about yourself!

Visage Beauty Clinic is the top-rated clinic offering Lip flip in Winnipeg. The neurotoxin is injected into the muscles of the upper lip, causing them to relax and allowing the lip to flip upwards. The results of the Lip Flip procedure are immediate. The best part about our treatment is that it’s completely non-invasive and can last anywhere from two to three months depending on the patient.


More youthful appearance and a more defined lip line 

Make lips look fuller and more appealing.

By reversing the orientation of your lips, you can achieve a more attractive facial structure.

Help to turn the red part of your lip up, which gives the appearance of being plumper.


The purpose of using a lip flip is to create fuller-looking lips. This can be done by turning the upper lip upwards to show more of the red part of the lip. This will give the appearance of a fuller lip.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the mouth, and can also give the lips a fuller and more defined shape. In addition,  it also helps correct asymmetry or other irregularities in the lip shape.


More youthful appearance, increased confidence, and a more defined facial structure. Get the pouty look you’ve always wanted in minutes and for two to three months! A lip flip takes a few days, approximately 10 to 14 days, to achieve its full effect.


There is no real downtime, and the injection site may have a small bump for a few hours after treatment. Bruising may also be possible to occur.

Pain Level


Procedure Length

Approximately 15 to 20 minutes session.


Lip flip prices generally range from $150 

Turn back time with Visage Lip Flip.

We also offer Lip Lift at our Lorimer location. Book an appointment by calling (204) 219-2154

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer may depend on your specific goals, but in general, a lip flip is a less-invasive option that can create very natural-looking results. It's also considered to be one of the safest injectables available. If you're looking for a subtle enhancement to your lips, a lip flip could be the perfect solution.

The lip flip is considered to be a very low-pain treatment. Most patients report only mild discomfort during the injection process.

As with any injectable treatment, there are some risks associated with a lip flip. However, these risks are considered to be very rare.