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Lash Tint

$37 20 mins.
New lash tint formula for fuller, more youthful lashes - Get darker and more natural-looking lashes without mascara

About Our Winnipeg Lash Tint Treatments

Lash tint is a great way to achieve natural and darker lashes without having to wear mascara. This is a great service for anyone who wants fuller, more youthful-looking lashes, or for those who are going on vacation and want to avoid the hassle of wearing mascara. Our gentle tint formula is perfect for eyelashes and will give you the look you desire. 

Our estheticians will provide you with a detailed consultation to understand your goals and create a blend specific to your needs. Using a vegetable-based dye, these pigments are safe as they are specifically designed for lashes. 


Before we apply vegetable based dye to your eyebrows, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and your eyes are well protected.

With a shade that matches your personal palette, this semi-permanent treatment will enhance your natural coloring and the frame of your face.

Benefits of Lash Tints

  • Give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also no-maintenance
  • Darker lashes that make your eyes pop more pronounced
  • Enhance the shape of your lashes
  • Make your lashes look thicker and more voluminous
  • Designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks
  • Help to camouflage gaps in your lash line
  • Give you an alternative to mascara


Results lasting 4-8 weeks. Tinting helps to define your lashes and make them look more uniform in color. It’s important to keep in mind that lash tint is not a permanent solution and the color will gradually fade over time. Additionally, our natural lashes fall out at a rate of one to five per day, so the color will not last indefinitely. 


  • Avoid heat treatments for 24 hours
  • Avoid sunbathing for 24 hours
  • Keep lashes dry for at least 24 to 48 hours
  • Oil based makeup remover can cause the tint to fade faster
  • Wear sunglasses in the sun. Strong sunlight/UV light can make the tint color fade faster.

Procedure Length

25 minutes session. 

Price Range



Tint your lashes for a natural and dark look – Avoid the hassle of wearing mascara on vacation. Check out our Winnipeg brow bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tinted eyelash will make your lashes appear darker, fuller, longer and more beautiful. You'll wake each morning with picture-perfect eyelashes. Even when you're in the water, your tinted eyelashes won't run.

The lashes will look so full after a lash lift that you won't even need mascara. If you want a more dramatic effect, use a water-based mascara. Avoid waterproof mascara as it's difficult to remove.