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Relax at Visage Clinical Beauty and enjoy our professional manicure services. We offer the highest quality in shellac and traditional options to ensure you always feel polished and put together.

About Visage Manicures

No outfit is complete without your beautiful nails. Say goodbye to dry cuticles and brittle nails - Unleash your inner diva with our luxury treatment.

There’s no doubt that nail art is still in vogue – in fact, standard manicures are continuing to take a back seat in favour of bold patterns, intriguing negative space and chrome details so reflective you don’t need a compact.

Visage's professional manicure services are the perfect way to show your hands some love. Our experienced staff will take care of everything, from shaping your nails to applying the perfect polish. You'll walk away with beautiful, healthy-looking hands that feel great.

If you’re looking to spice up your nail game, check out our list of some of the best treatments to decorate your digits.

Types Of Manicures:

A manicure should be both relaxing and comforting while leaving your nails bright and polished or buffed. Using professional products, we cleanse the hands, followed by nail shaping, cuticle trimming and a bespoke exfoliation. Not to mention a relaxing massage and your choice between polish or a gentle buff bringing a natural, high gloss finish to your nails. CND Shellac may be requested for a long-lasting polish - Additional $7.00.
45 mins.
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Avoid the hassle of re-applying polish every few days - Get a natural, sheer nail color that lasts two weeks. This gel nail polish overlay treatment strengthens and beautifies your natural nails with no odor, harsh chemicals, or invasive drilling.
45 mins.
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Refresh your hands with this quick treat for your hands. Beginning with a gentle soak, our estheticians will shape your nails and perform a gentle cuticle clean. A soothing and nourishing massage will offer an ultra-hydrating feel to your hands. Finishing this treatment with either a polish of your choice or a high shine buff to your nail beds. CND Shellac may be requested for a long-lasting polish - Additional $10.00.
30 mins.
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A French pedicure is a classic pedicure or spa pedicure with the addition of painting thin white stripes on the tip of the toes followed by a sheer nude or pink color on the base of the nail.
add on 15 mins.
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This treatment can be done as an add-on to any regular manicure, or as a stand-alone service. A warm application of paraffin wax can help to push in moisture, making it the perfect addition for those with dry, rough skin.
add on 15 mins.
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  • Improved appearance of hands and nails
  • Increased circulation in hands
  • Improved nail health, including prevention of fungal infections
  • Relief from stress


  • The nails are well-groomed and look polished.
  • The cuticles are pushed back, and the nails are shaped neatly.
  • Your hands look and feel softer and smoother.

Procedure Length

15 to 45 minutes session
Get the perfect polish every time.

Manicure FAQs

Yes, there is a difference between Shellac and Gel Polish. Shellac is a specific brand of gel polish made by CND, whereas Gel Polish is a general term that covers all brands of gel polish or ‘2-week polish’.
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