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Laser Treatments

The gold standard in laser hair removal and facial treatments. Our laser hair removal services are a quick, safe method to remove hair permanently and our laser facial treatments are a great option for treating pigmentation and signs of aging.

Laser Facial Treatments

Laser Skin Tightening

From $175
Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process that uses an infrared light beam that penetrates deep into the skin, delivering controlled heat which affects the collagen causing it to tighten. Skin tightening reduces the appearance of wrinkles, loose and sagging skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. 4-5 treatments. Price per treatment: Face $175 or upper arms $400 plus GST.

Photo Facials

Photo facials improve texture and tone of the skin. The laser pulses light through the skin which cleans up pigments and redness caused by sun damage. The photo facial causes a cascade of a healing response which builds collagen, elastin and improves hyaluronic acid production. A series of 3 photo facials, one month apart, delivers the best results. A person can then maintain the results with 1 or 2 per year.

Laser Hair Removal

Tummy/Stomach Laser

$255 - $995 / 6 pack
Whether on its own, or combined with chest hair removal, rid that hair with confidence. Your expert technician will discuss your goals/needs with you to ensure everything needed is treated.

Full Leg + Bikini Laser

$450 - $1,755 / 6 pack
Addressing both upper and lower legs and basic bikini line.

Half Leg Laser

$300 - $1,175 / 6 pack
Treating bottom half, lower leg.

Full Face Laser

$300 - $1,175 / 6 pack
Upon consultation with one of our expert technicians, you needs will be discussed. This will ensure all area(s) of concern is addressed.

Chin Laser

$175 - $910 / 8 pack
Not on the hairs of MY chinny chin chin! This treatment will address all those stubborn and unwanted hairs.

Side Of Face Laser

$175 - $910 / 8 pack
Pull your hair up with confidence while addressing those stubborn sideburns.

Underarm Laser

$225 - $877.50 / 6 pack
Feel confident in whatever you put on by treating the underarm area.

Full Arm Laser

$300 - $1,175 / 6 pack
This treatment addresses the whole arm from shoulder to fingers for that soft, supple touch.

Half Arm Laser

$255 - $995 / 6 pack
During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss whether you'd like to address the upper or lower half of the arm.

Chest Laser

$375 - $1,465 / 6 pack
Tired of stubborn hair on your chest? Tired of waxing or shaving? Treat yourself by removing your unwanted chest hair with laser hair removal.

Full Back Laser

$375 - $1,465 / 6 pack
Address all the hair from your neck to your lower back in a comfortable way.

Half Back Laser

$300 - $1,175 / 6 pack
If the lower back is your concern, this treatment is perfect for you.

Chest And Back Laser

$600 - $2,340 / 6 pack Neck $225 - $877.50 / 6 pack
Get rid of it all, from full back to full chest.

Sphynx Laser

$300 - $1,175 / 6 pack
The full monty - nothing left to the imagination.

Brazillian Laser

$255 - $995 / 6 pack
The Visage Brazillian is for those wanting to leave a little something while ensuring those special parts are clear.

Bikini Laser

$225 - $877.50 / 6 pack
Treating the basic bikini line.
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