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Treat yourself to one of our signature facials. We offer a full range of options for general anti-aging, hydration, as well as targeted treatments to address specific concerns.
**Signature Visage Skin Analysis (30 min.) $50 or complementary with any service

Sublime Skin - Corrective

ARCHI-LIFT™ exclusive technology which contrasts the signs of aging and the structural degeneration of the skin’s architecture (DEGENER-AGING™). Acting on water, lipids and proteins, it promotes an intense renewing, replumping and firming action for an “active lifting” from within, evident in refound tone, luminosity and silkiness.

Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift – Peel, lift, replump

75 mins. / $120
Reveal your skin’s youthful splendor Stop the clock and turn back time with this anti-aging treatment- Get the skin you've always wanted with this 3 steps super-intensive treatment.
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Hormone Aging – Includes hand treatment

75 mins. / $175
Nourish and regenerate your skin with our subtle and effective treatment - The miracle anti-aging treatment for post, peri and menopausal skin.
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Add-on Eye treatment – Eyelift + Re-plumping

15 mins. / $25
Dark circles, puffy eyes, or bags around the eyes? No problem! Get a brighter and smoother eye contour area with this add-on treatment.
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Customized Facials

Price Range: $100 - $175

Beginning your visit with our Signature skin analysis, your Aesthetician will develop a specific facial using Comfort Zone, A sustainable skin care line created in Parma, Italy. Your personalized facial will treat your concerns, from Dehydration to Acne. This customized facial will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, a signature massage using techniques to stimulate and lift the skin followed by a targeted mask and finished with eye cream and a moisturizing cream.

Listed below are skin conditions and concerns that may be addressed:

Skin Regimen Urban Detox

60 mins.
Fight acne and imperfections with our plant-based formula - Reveal glows, brightens, and evens out the complexion for a flawless look.

Skin Regimen Urban Longevity

60 mins.
Say goodbye to dull and tired-looking skin in 60 minutes! Glow from the inside out with our Urban Detox facial. It brightens dull, uneven skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Hydramemory – Dehydration + All Skin Types

60 mins.
An ideal treatment for skins which are exceptionally dehydrated and show the first signs of aging all year round, especially in hot, humid climates for those who work in closed environments without much fresh air, during and after air travel and in preparation for, but also after, sun exposure.

Recover Touch – Dryness + Depleted

60 mins.
This multi-vitamin, antioxidant treatment perfect for the face, neck and decollete will nourish, repair and protect your skin. Ideal for dry, depleted, tired and stressed skin, recover touch is the right treatment after sun exposure or in cold, harsh climates.

Remedy – Sensitive, Couperose

60 mins.
The perfect SOS treatment for sunburnt or reactive skin. This Fragrance-Free treatment ideal for all skins including during pregnancy, leaves your skin profoundly nourished, reduces redness in the skin and reveals a more uniformed colour. The goal of this treatment calms irritation and reinforces the skin’s barrier.

Active Pureness / Regenerating – Oily, Acne, Impurities

60 mins.
The perfect, intensive treatment for impure, scarred, oily and acne-prone skins with purifying and revitalizing actions. Using the innovative spirulina algae peel-off mask, the skin appears smooth and even texture, plus sebaceous secretions are normalized. This treatment is ideal for all skins including delicate, dehydrated and mature skins. Also suitable for a younger skin and ideal for men.

Express Facials

Price: $60

Skin Regimen

30 mins.
Ideal for those with limited time yet needing a recharge. The Skin Regimen express facial will offer everything you need to rejuvenate your skin and relax the mind while treating modern fatigue and an urban lifestyle.

Recover Touch

30 mins.
Ideal for all skins especially those which are dry, depleted, stressed and tired. A vitamin cocktail for your skin!


30 mins.
This deeply hydrating express treatment for your face, neck and decollete. Ideal for skins that already show signs of aging or in preparation for sun exposure. The perfect drink of water for your skin!

Active Pureness

30 mins.
Recommended for impure, oily and acne prone skin with surface congestion, this treatment will rebalance and purify the skin giving immediate luminosity.

Organic Facials

Regenerative Elixir Lift – Oxygenating + Lifting + Plumping

60 mins. / $100
Perfect for mature skins that show clear signs of aging. This youth-enhancing, antioxidant treatment will nourish, reoxygenate and protect skins. Not recommended for sensitive skins or those with fragile capillaries.

Regenerative Elixir Glow – Regenerative + Detoxifying

60 mins. / $100
This deep cleansing and stimulating, organic treatment will nourish, regenerate and purify your skin.

Regenerative Hydra EXPRESS – Regenerating + Hydrating

30 mins. / $75
A 30 minute express treatment providing you with immediate brightness, freshness and vitality. A perfect hydration boost for tired and dull skins.
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