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Spa Body Treatments

Don't settle for less than what you're worth - Experience a revitalizing treatment that will make you feel like new again!

About Spa Body Treatments at Visage

A body treatment is a defining term that refers to a wide range of holistic, non-medical, physical procedures designed to help you achieve specific body or wellness goals. A "body treatment" involves all sorts of things - from massages and wraps to detoxing and special oil or cream.

Types of Spa Body Treatments at Visage

A renewing treatment to soften the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin soft and silky. Using the Comfort Zone Body Strategist line, the Body Glow Treatment is great for everyone and may be done before and after sun exposure to renew and soften the skin. Benefits: Soft, silky skin. Glowing, luminous appearance. Improved microcirculation, giving your skin a fresh glow. Contraindications: Pregnancy.
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60 mins. /
Say goodbye to stress and hello to relaxation - Get the tranquility you deserve with our new body treatment.
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  • Improved circulation
  • Toned muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Get rid of toxins that have built up in your system
  • Relief from stress and tension


There's no downtime for a body treatment. Most treatments only take a few minutes, and you can go about your day as normal.

Procedure Length

45 to 60 mins session
Get the body you've dreamed of.
Spa Body Treatments

Spa Body Treatment FAQs

The body treatments will make you feel refreshed from head to toe. Choose from treatments specific to your needs.
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